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In this interview, students from Tara Anglican High School, Suhanya Jayasuriya, Meghann Brodie and Dana Gharavi, share why they decided to attend KYCK youth conference, how they experienced God and the ways in which lives were changed for Jesus. We hope you are encouraged by their story! ​

Dana, Suhanya and Meghann at KYCK 22

1. Why did you decide to attend KYCK this year? 

​We decided to attend KYCK this year so that we could strengthen our relationship with God and learn more about Jesus while we were there. We also thought that it would be a great opportunity to have fun with friends and meet new people!  2. How did God work in your life at KYCK this year?  

The amount of people’s lives that were touched by God over KYCK was amazing. Within our school’s group alone, we had so many people decide to commit or recommit their lives to Jesus on Saturday night. It was an incredible experience that many of us will cherish for the rest of our lives. After the commitments and recommitments to Jesus, the energy and atmosphere completely changed; it was almost like you could feel His presence in the room.  
In that moment, it felt like just us and God, but as much as it was personal, it was also a shared experience with so much support and care from others. Being able to be there for your friends and peers, stand with them and support them in this decision was so meaningful. We felt so connected to God in that moment. 

The worship and music that followed this was also incredible. One of our girls also had the opportunity to read a bible passage at one of the talks, it was amazing for us to see someone we knew up on the stage and made us feel so connected and welcome. 

Finally, the talk from Daniel Leach brought many of our girls and leaders to tears. The way he spoke and connected with every person in the room through Jesus was astounding. 

Tickets for KYCK 23 Available Until Sold Out! 
With over 3,300 tickets already sold, KYCK 23 is set to be a record-breaking event for youth groups across the country.    

Hosted by Katoomba Christian Convention, KYCK is a conference that challenges and equips high schoolers to boldly live the Christian life. Each year, close to 6,000 delegates gather at StayKCC in the Blue Mountains to hear and respond to God’s word.   

At KYCK 23, youth will be invited to “Meet Jesus” by exploring Mark’s Gospel through powerful preaching, inspiring testimonies, worship in song and fun activities designed specifically for teenagers. Whether youth are already Christian or still exploring the faith, there will be ample opportunities to deepen their understanding of who Jesus is and respond to the call to follow him.  

KYCK 23 will return over the following four weekends during the school holidays:  

  • Weekend 1: 14-16 April (nearly sold out) 
  • Weekend 2 & Online: 21-23 April (500 tickets left) 
  • Weekend 3: 28-30 April (nearly sold out) 
  • Weekend 4: 22-24 September    

Registration and on-site accommodation bookings are currently open. Tickets are selling quick, so book before the of the year to secure your preferred weekend! 

Visit our website for more information: www.kyck.org.au

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