KYCK 2020

KYCK #1 26 September
KYCK #2 10 October


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Read FAQs

Read FAQs

KYCK is for people of high school age. We encourage youth groups to join our livestream, along with their leaders.

We encourage you to join the local youth group or ask your school friends to see if their group is livestreaming KYCK so you can join them. Otherwise let us know and we will see if there are any youth groups who have purchased tickets from your area.

At KYCK we take Jesus seriously, we take the Bible seriously and we take holiness of life seriously.  Our hope is that as teenagers join our KYCK livestream, they will be impacted to follow Jesus in such a way that they look to eternity rather than wasting their lives on the temporal things of this world.  At KYCK 20 the focus again will be on challenging and equipping teens from the Bible to boldly live the Christian life.

Our new Saturday program format is made up of a series of 3 Bible talks, interspersed with food breaks, free time and other organised activities.  Please visit our  program page more information.  

Katoomba Christian Convention (KCC) is an interdenominational, not-for-profit, Bible-preaching convention ministry. Our aim is to bring you Bible-preaching events that will encourage and challenge, help you live out your call to holiness, and to deepen your walk with Christ Jesus. We believe the Word is powerful and life-changing and delivering events to see this happen has been our main focus for over 115 years. If you’d like more information and an update on KCC, we’d love you to read our Annual Review.

Our tickets are $27 per person, whether you are a youth group leader, part of a youth group, or watching on your own. As we’re not incurring some of our usual in-person event costs and we’ve shortened our program, we’ve been able to bring the ticket price down. As you may imagine, an online event still incurs its own set of costs, and these events can only continue with your ticket purchase.

Behind the scenes on an online event is a significant project in itself! Regardless of whether it is in-person or online, all our events need to factor in components such as production costs for program elements (such as videos), AV setup, recording venue hire, rehearsals, props, running websites, marketing, honoraria for our guest speakers and bands, merchant fees for ticketing, staff, travel, meals and thank yous for volunteers and committees, and the like.

All of these things go into the final, fantastic event you see on the day!

Group leader: If you are purchasing tickets for your group, you will need to purchase a group leader ticket for yourself and ensure that the rest of your group have purchased individual tickets (or that you have purchased these for them).

For example, if you are a youth group leader and have 10 youth attending, you would purchase a group leader ticket for yourself and 10 youth tickets.

Purchasing a group leader ticket will just help us send you the right information and resources to help you organise the day!

Youth ticket: Purchase this ticket if you are viewing KYCK individually or as part of a youth group.

Once you have bought your ticket to the event, you should receive a confirmation email with a receipt for your payment. Please check your spam or junk folders should you not receive this, or contact us at

We will also email you details closer to KYCK on how to access the livestream event and other important updates for the day.

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