Over 5,000 youth invited to ‘Meet Jesus’ at KYCK 

Over three weekends, more than 5,000 teenagers and youth leaders attended the KYCK conference in Katoomba. Founded in 1993, KYCK is a Bible preaching event aimed at inspiring high schoolers to live for Jesus alone.  

Over the years, KYCK has become a treasured space for teenagers to explore and deepen their faith with like-minded company. Each year, delegates are invited to hear and respond to God’s word through powerful Bible talks, uplifting worship in song, inspiring testimonies, and fun youth-appropriate activities.  

This year, guest speakers Seth Fellows (AFES), Josh Hayward (Christ Church St Ives), Dave Jensen (EV Church), Nathan Lee (Trinity Grammar), Ed Sowden (Bathurst Presbyterian) and Jonnie Wintle (Seaforth Anglican) invited delegates to ‘Meet Jesus’ in the Gospel of Mark.

The talks aimed to demystify the person of Jesus and to show us his powerful yet loving rule. We praise God that because of hearing His word, 81 teenagers decided to follow Jesus for the first time, 257 recommitted their lives to him, and 92 left the conference wanting to learn more. 

For teenagers who are already Christian, attending KYCK enables them to hear God’s word taught from someone new, thus allowing them to hear old stories with fresh perspective. Gathering at KYCK also serves as a powerful reminder that they are not alone in their faith, and that their beliefs are shared by thousands across Australia. This encouragement is especially important for teenagers in smaller youth groups, isolated rural areas, or who face opposition for their faith at home or school.  

“KYCK feels like the only place other than church where you can connect with other people who have the same beliefs as you, whilst learning new things to take home and cherish. This was my first ever KYCK and it was certainly the highlight of the year. Definitely going to come back next year and be fully committed to listening to God’s Word, following Him and loving like Jesus did.” 

“KYCK has really changed the way I’ve thought about Christianity. I now have a newfound joy for worship and confidence to approach my non-Christian friends.” 

“I’ve made so many new memories, new friends and most importantly, renewed my relationship with God.” 

“Seth’s talks were amazing. He helped me view Jesus in a whole new perspective.” 

While KYCK is designed primarily for high schoolers, it also serves youth leaders who can take a break from planning and leading Youth Group that week. Instead, leaders are invited to spend quality time with their teenagers, and to deepen relationships through bonding, learning, sharing and praying together.  

A BIG thank you for KYCK 2. It was my first time, and the first time bringing our little youth group (4 teens + one other leader). It was a wonderful weekend of Bible teaching, music, fun, and time together. I was particularly encouraged by your commitment to being faithful to the Scriptures and your focus on Christ.

“What a weekend! We’re leaving with a challenge to answer: who is Jesus and what difference does that make to my life? Mark’s Gospel has spoken to us this weekend and we pray our youth will continue to listen to Him speak into their lives as we head back to Taree.”

Emersus Youth

Hosted as a hybrid event, youth groups can choose to experience KYCK in-person at StayKCC in the Blue Mountains, or KYCK Online; a high-quality livestream promising a ‘front row’ seat from the convenience of a living room or church hall. Delegates who joined KYCK in-person could take part in optional fellowship activities including an organised Prayer Gathering and a Saturday night BBQ which raised over $3,000 for Scripture teachers.  

Do you have a story of how God worked in you or your youth at KYCK 23? Let us know using the feedback form or by emailing kyck@kcc.org.au. We would love to hear from you! 

KYCK will return for a fourth weekend on the 22-24 September. Tickets are still available from our website: https://www.kyck.org.au/  

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